Artist Statement

I use acrylic paint to make abstract, biomorphic images that reference the environment. I build up layers and switch between analogue and digital tools as the work evolves. I often paint on canvas, but the substrate can change and I’m not wedded to frames or walls. Figure-ground relationships push and pull the eye through space and time. I think of myself as a new wave AbEx artist. Influences include Len Lye and Amy Sillman.

There is that moment - sometimes subtle, quiet and unannounced, at other times bold and clear - when the image declares itself. I call it the ‘big reveal’ and it makes me tingle. There is no logic, this painting process is visceral.

Concepts to do with epigenetics and the anthropocene - human's impact on each other and their environment, and in turn how the environment impacts humans - fascinate me. 

© Linda Gilbert 2020

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