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Welcome - Kia ora

Every painting is a voyage into a sacred harbour

Giotto di Bondone 

Naturally curious, I was brought up to look, play, make, fail, try again, and above all, appreciate the intrinsic value of art - in all its forms. I was encouraged to think about how art impacts individuals, communities and society. I can't remember a time I didn't make art or wander around in art galleries. I believe that art enriches our souls.  

I love reading and writing, but sometimes words are not enough and that's why visual art has won my heart. Inspired by nature's complexity, mystery and colours, I attempt to express the delicate, ephemeral, dark, profound - the light and dark of life. Basically I'm in a continual state of awe and use art to describe that.

My muses are music and my dog. They always hang out with me in the studio. 

I am a New Zealander and divide my time between Wellington and Auckland. 

I draw, take photographs and paint. I don't confine myself to one medium but tend to use drawing, photography and painting as part of my process. Painting is a mixture of digital manipulation and paint on canvas. Sometimes just paint, sometimes paint and pixels.

Update: During 2018 I'm studying at Auckland University of Technology  to complete a Bachelor of Visual Arts (started some years ago but life got in the way and it was put on hold!).  So watch this space and check back in early 2019.  In the meantime, if you have any enquiries, please contact me on +64 21 774 100 or via email: